Research Software Engineering Group

Research has become more and more reliant on software, whether for numerical modelling, data analysis or visualisation. Researchers often spend a proportion of their time developing their own software, something which has been recognised nationally, and encouraged by the Software Sustainability Institute. Increasingly, the role of the Research Software Engineer (RSE), who devotes a significant amount of their time to research software development has also come to the fore, and there is an active national Society of Research Software Engineering.

The “RSE Group” pages on this website are intended to be a forum to bring together the diverse community of research software engineers in the University of Cambridge.
Our activities include:

  • A weekly seminar series showcasing research software engineering from Cambridge and beyond.
  • An annual “Computation Seminar Day” which highlights local researchers using computational methods (see previous years schedules), and is a community networking event.
  • Building a local community of RSEs who can support each other.